Helping Others

There are so many things that having this surgery has done for my life. My husband and I set up monthly at a local flea market and sell refurbished looking signs and furniture he makes. In these two days that we have been out here I have had the pleasure of talking to two different women that are having the gastric sleeve surgery next week. They are both on their liquid protein diet that most surgeons have you do before surgery to help shrink your liver and their emotions are high. As an obese person it is more common than not to have a fatty liver. This diet is supposed to help shrink the liver which gives the surgeon better visibility while operating on you. I don’t know about you, but as soon as I heard that this would help him see better and have a better chance of fewer complications I was all for it! No cheating(well… I might have had a cracker or two with my puréed soup…shame shame). But I wanted the best chance possible for an easy surgery and recovery. So I(for me) was rather faithful(but not perfect) to that liquid diet. It’s hard! Emotionally I was all over the place. So I understand where these women are at in this moment at the start of this lifelong journey. And I feel terrible, but in awe of them at the same time for being at this trade show with all of the smells of junk food and funnel cake in the air. (My husband literally just walked up to me with a funnel cake in his hand after I typed that last sentence. What the heck….) lol.

I talked to these women at different times, but the relief I saw on their faces was the same. It looked like the same relief I had when I met a lady (days before my surgery) that my surgeon had operated on 6 months prior and she was a success. She went on about what an awesome surgeon he is and how well she had done. It’s exactly what I needed at that moment. I had been freaking out on the inside about what I was going to have done in only a few days. I was now that person for these women. Even though we aren’t using the same surgeon, we all are having the same surgery and the same fears.

I told them what I thought they should hear. I told them I had lost 91.6 lbs as of yesterday morning and that this was the best decision I had ever made(besides marrying my awesome husband of course 😉). I showed them a before and after picture of me the morning of my surgery and one from last week. I was wearing the same pajamas in both pictures. However, I did want to let them know it’s not an easy road. I have spent this whole year adjusting to my new lifestyle and the new me. At times I have felt like I was losing my identity and other times I felt like I was just going crazy mad because my emotions were all over the place (Thanks hormones!). I’ve had high energy levels and low energy levels. But I’ve always kept my eye on the big picture and that is my overall health. I told these women this is a tough journey and there’s will differ from mine but that, in the end, it is so worth it.

My prayer is that they are as happy about their decision to take charge of their life and their health by having this surgery as I am. I am a huge cheerleader for this decision. There are people out there though that do regret having the sleeve done. Mainly ones that have experienced severe complications from it. But complications are a risk with any surgery. It was a risk I was willing to take. The best advice I can give anyone contemplating on having this or any kind of Bariatric surgery is this….research. Read everything you can get your hands on about it. And please follow your surgeons guidelines he gives you. They are given to you for a reason. I have been blessed and very fortunate with few bumps in the road so far. I was very diligent in following the instructions that were given to me.

I’m so excited for for these two wonderful women and can’t wait to see them as they transfer into the healthier version of themselves. I’ll be praying they have as smooth of a journey as I have had.

Left: January 7, 2014; Morning of surgery Right: September 30, 2014
Left: January 7, 2014; Morning of surgery
Right: September 30, 2014

6 thoughts on “Helping Others

    • Thank you! It’s been a long road getting to where I currently am at, but well worth it. Keep me updated as to how your process is going. I know it’s a long one, but your surgery day will be here before you know it. In the mean time it helps to read any books and articles about the procedure. You’re never 100% prepared, but it helps to kind of know what to expect. That’s what helped my time pass. I read….a lot! And then I daydreamed about my new life I was about to have. It was so worth it. I wish you the best! Can’t wait till I hear from you!

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